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Belle Morte by Bella Higgin

“You can, mon ange. If you fall apart, I will help put you back together.”

Another case of being lured by the cover, and staying for the characters!!! This book was so good, I honestly don’t understand the low-ish rating on Goodreads.


What I liked about the book:
1. As reality shows are kinda my guilty pleasure (don’t you judge me!), I really liked the idea of a vampire celebrity house that would bring regular people in to be donors. That is a super interesting concept, and I loved how it wasn’t a large part of the plot where they had to mind how they were in front of cameras a lot. I feel that could have gotten convoluted really fast, and we were spared from that.

2. Short, dual POV chapters!!! This is my crack!!!

3. I love that there are mystery components, swoony moments, action-packed scenes, and unadulterated happiness even in the lowest of times. This book is definitely one hell of a paranormal rollercoaster. Those last couple chapters were something else!!!

4. The characters:

Renie – I honestly did not think I would like Renie as much as I did. This girl is stubborn as sh*t and I’m here for it! Especially at the end of the book in some of the final scenes, she really just drives right into the chaos, but then still has realistic thoughts about why she’s even doing it. I very much relate to this as a stubborn person who acts before she thinks a lot.

Edmond – Hot vampire dude who speaks French, loves to read, and is willing to throw down and be punished to save his girl? Ummmmm yes please! I don’t know what it is, but the idea of a good looking man calling me terms of endearment in a foreign language does something otherworldly to me.


Ysanne – I did not want to like you, but I’m definitely falling for you, you alpha-female. I love the complexity of your character and how you are willing to open up to Renie because you are smart enough to see her value.

Etienne – All I’m going to say is


Jason – You are hilarious! Definitely the comedic relief in this book. I love that you are pining hard for Gideon, and I really think he is feeling you too. Hopefully we see more come of this in the second book!

Roux – Roux, Roux, Roux, you beautiful little badass. You are bestie goals and literally an angel!!! Daphne and Velma don’t need no Fred!!!

Ludovic – I love how you know things can’t happen, but you’re such a good friend that you don’t care about the rules. You seem like a total badass, and you BETTER end up with Roux in the second book!


Why it didn’t get 5 stars:
1. I felt the way the story was told was a little odd. It was dual POV, but Renie’s sections were in first person, while Edmond’s were in third person. I love the dual POV, I just wish they were both in first person. The consistency nerd in me was inwardly cringing every time it shifted.


2. A bit predictable, but I’m not reading vampire romance because it’s groundbreaking


Thank you NetGalley and Wattpad for the opportunity to read this ARC. The honest opinions above are being given voluntarily.

4 belle stars! Check it out April 5th!

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